Welcome to Klassen Building Supplies!

Through thick and thin - Klassen Building has emerged to become a leading supplier of Flashings in British Columbia.

Established in 2004,

Klassen has been supplying the highest-quality sheet metal products available to Vancouver and the Fraser Valley.

From simple fabrication -to- detailed installs:

Klassen products are used in the construction industry for applications ranging anywhere from; Commercial to Residential (high-density and single-family) dwellings.

Our Sheet Metal Flashings are used in combination with many other trades.

You can find our flashings on the exterior of your home; on your roof and even around your deck!

Simplifying ALL of your custom-made flashings to order, makes Klassen your number one choice for flashings!

If you would like to place an order or have material quoted - Please fill out this form and return it via fax or email.

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